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About Matchbox

Matchbox is an extraordinary programme of artistic discourse, spanning theatre, dance, performance, visual art, music and literature that travels through the region and manifests itself in diverse ways. It appears, disappears, re-appears, continuing on its way while leaving traces. Matchbox is a format that relies on the spirit of discovery and love of participation by the audiences in the Rhine-Neckar region for its specific projects that are individually bound to places and local people and created by artists of international renown, thus radiating beyond provincial and national borders.

Step by step, the map of the Rhine-Neckar area will be explored as musicians, performers, artists, authors, painters and sculptors encounter local communities in which and with whom they will develop unusual, idiosyncratic works of art that are always specifically bound to the locations. The Culture Office of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region invites them to specifically work in these more rural areas, away from urban centres. After all, this unique art and culture programme is all about offering everyday people the chance to not only witness but experience and participate in the artistic process right in front of their doorsteps, in the very communities of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Hesse and the Rhineland-Palatinate.

The individual projects serve as social events, creating exceptional yet collective spaces. As such, Matchbox is a format that invites, or even requires, and welcomes participation. This is art concerned with the real lives of people, taking on their working world, turning them into subjects or even protagonists.

For further information please contact the Kulturbüro by e-mail matchbox(at)m-r-n.com or phone +49 621 10708419.